You Work For Us. We Work For You.

You take care of them. So we take care of you. That is the approach that drives all our support for staff here at Blackpool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. After all, it is only through your valuable contribution that we can deliver effective healthcare to the local area.

Not only do we aim to create an environment which gives you a proper work-life balance, but we also offer a wide range of family and employee-friendly policies and procedures to let you work more flexibly. In addition, we are committed to childcare support and a variety of other attractive benefits and facilities.

Flexible working

With the flexi-time system available to many staff, it is possible to vary your start and finish times, provided you work your agreed hours. We can also arrange for you to ‘compress’ your hours – keeping the same level of pay, but spreading the time you spend at work over fewer days.

Our self-rostering system on a number of 24-hour wards gives nurses and other staff a chance to determine their own working hours. And although term-time working isn’t always practical in every area of the Trust, we will facilitate it where we can – allowing you to balance your working and home life. You might also want to consider options for job sharing.

Have you ever thought about a career break to pursue another interest? Once you have worked to us for two years or more, you can apply for a period of unpaid leave lasting between three months and two years. We will then allow you to return to the same job or another similar one.


Our purpose-built “Happy Days Nursery” at Blackpool Victoria Hospital can look after 92 children aged between three months and five years. It is available to anyone who works for the Trust and is staffed by a highly qualified and professional team. Opening hours are flexible. To find out more, call 01253 955537. We also offer holiday play schemes for the children of staff at venues along the Fylde Coast throughout the year. If you need any advice and help with childcare, you can contact our Child and Family Care Team.


We aim to offer accommodation for junior doctors working at the hospital and may also be able to assist other healthcare professionals, depending on availability. If our Residencies Department is unable to help, we can forward information and ads for external accommodation that we receive.

The Accommodation Officer, Karen McKenna can be contacted by:

Medical Education Centre

Specially designed with learners in mind, our Medical Education Centre boasts a variety of teaching areas, lecture theatres and computer labs. Dedicated staff are on hand to provide technical support during any training sessions. What is more, our three-star Helicon-accredited Library is open 24 hours a day.

Our other facilities

The Simulation & Clinical Skills Centre is purpose built on the second floor of our main hospital site and accredited by Health Education North West. Any healthcare or allied professional is able to access the facility, which includes a customised Simulation Based Medical Education (SMBE) unit. You will find two ‘mock’ clinical areas with observation rooms, as well as a full range of remote-controlled simulated manikins.

In addition, we offer:

  • Onsite training courses – ALERT, BLS, PILS, ILS, NLS
  • Clinical meetings, MDTs & Weekly Grand Round
  • Equipped teaching rooms on wards and departments