Nursing and Midwifery

People from all walks of life – and with all types of health conditions – depend on the professional expertise and care of our nurses. We provide healthcare for the whole of the Fylde coast in both acute and community settings, with a national and international reputation for nursing. The Trust employs nearly 1,400 qualified nurses and midwives and over 700 nursing assistants across its six hospital sites in a variety of roles.

The Trust is extremely supportive of the valuable contribution that nurses and midwives make in delivering high-quality patient care and we are actively developing a culture and infrastructure to support innovation at all levels. You can become part of the team if you have the people skills and initiative that are essential to hands-on care.

This is an exciting time for the nursing and midwifery profession. Within the Trust, we are developing our roles to meet commitments under the Modernisation Agenda, while retaining the important essence of nursing that patients value so much.

The Acute Hospitals have the latest state-of-the-art equipment, enabling us to be at the forefront of developments in nursing and healthcare, all housed in a modern environment.